Property a.k.a. Real Estate Law

From real estate contracts to breaking a lease, what you can and can't do is not always clear and making sure that you are well represented isn't as expensive as it may seem. Essentially real estate law is about two things: profit & protecting your rights under the law. But, like so many simple sounding things real estate law is so much more.

Profit is about more than making money. It also involves protecting an asset so it can continue to generate a profit. It’s about removing tenants that do not pay because if you cannot continue to make a profit, you cannot continue to offer real estate to the public. It’s about understanding that for the investor, real estate is a business, and how it intersects with business law is as important as how it is affected by real estate law itself. Real estate rights under the law are those of land lord and tenant. As noted above, land lords are concerned with protecting their profit and the assets that generate that profit. This can take the form of warning letters, evictions, law suits for damages and a host of other proceedings. Tenants are concerned with protecting their investment, families and businesses. Often land lords will choose to break or violate a lease, seeing a greater chance for profit through these actions. Families often need time to vacate a property that they cannot afford. Businesses are often promised things by a land lord that are crucial to their operations and the land lord does not deliver.

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